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Just a selfie and an ID to onboard your customers automatically. Just a selfie and an ID to onboard your customers automatically.
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Liveness Detection

Защита бизнеса на новом уровне: определение живости с максимальной точностью.
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Face 2 Face

Технология сравнения лиц №1 в Центральной Азии.
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Documents Verification

Быстро, точно, безопасно: распознавание документов нового поколения.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Привет! Меня зовут Дола. Я Искусственный Интеллект, и я здесь, чтобы помочь тебе. Если ты не нашел ответ в списке часто задаваемых вопросов, не стесняйся – пиши мне, и я с радостью отвечу на твои вопросы!
01 Do your technologies comply with the legislation of the Government?
We are one of the Top 5 providers of the IEC Center of the National Bank of the Government. We have the cybersecurity STS Act for compliance with information̆ security requirements.
02 Do you provide technical support and how much does it cost?
We provide technical support for the entire period of cooperation. Technical support is free of charge for our customers.
03 Your services and technology must be very expensive.
For our clients we offer the lowest prices among similar companies in the world. In addition, we are always open to dialogue and ready to discuss mutually beneficial conditions of cooperation.
04 I don't understand anything about technology. Can I get more information and advice?
Of course. For consultation you can contact us by phone numbers listed in the site menu, or leave your contact information in the application form on the site. Our specialist will contact you and give you comprehensive answers to all your questions.
05 Is prepayment required to connect technology?
No, you only need to sign a cooperation agreement to start the work. Billing for the use of services takes place at the end of the month. You pay only for the actual transactions.
06 Is it possible to provide individual prices for large customers?
Of course. We are ready to provide individual prices and terms of cooperation.
07 Do you have partner programs for IT companies, integrator companies, marketing agencies?
Of course, we have profitable affiliate programs for both individuals and legal entities. To get the terms of affiliate programs you need to send a request to:
08 Do you provide your services to customers outside the Republic of Kazakhstan?
We are ready to cooperate with clients from all over the world.