AI and Cybersecurity: Emerging Threats in 2024

AI and Cybersecurity: Emerging Threats in 2024

Today, organizations worldwide are actively integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their business models to enhance efficiency. Experts predict that AI and machine learning will continue to play a key role in managing workflows this year. However, with technological advancements, the risk of cyberattacks and data loss persists. For example, 38% of organizations witnessed more cyberattacks last year compared to 2022.

According to Techwire, hackers are increasingly interested in AI. The popularity of hacked ChatGPT accounts and AI-based attack tutorials indicates that AI users are more frequently targeted. Additionally, the rise of amateur hackers poses a threat to companies and social media users. Approximately one in ten posts on hacking forums focuses on attack techniques, including doxing, WhatsApp and TikTok account hacking, and Wi-Fi hacking tutorials. This trend suggests a growing exchange of hacking knowledge and a likely increase in amateur hacker attacks.

Biometric authentication is becoming more popular, but hackers are finding ways to bypass these methods. For instance, they can circumvent selfie verification systems used by cryptocurrency platforms. Improving these services is crucial., for example, offers solutions like liveness detection—neural networks that confirm if a real person is authenticating. This technology counters attacks using masks, video recordings, and deep fakes. Additional neural networks analyze head position and eye openness to prevent manipulations with sleeping individuals, ensuring robust biometric security.

Interest in personal data continues to grow. Research shows that data breach forums, including social media accounts and emails, make up about 55% of forum topics. Multifactor authentication, now widely available on various platforms and apps, can significantly reduce the risk of password and data breaches.

Combating cyber threats in the AI era requires both basic and advanced digital security knowledge. Moreover, potential cyberattacks can be mitigated using modern technological solutions and fostering a culture of awareness among all internet users.


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