Trick me if you can.  Artificial intelligence based on biometrics solves a murder on “hot trails”

Trick me if you can.  Artificial intelligence based on biometrics solves a murder on “hot trails”

Employees of a Chinese Microfinance Organization (MFO) were able to apprehend a murderer due to Artificial intelligence (AI)

It was an ordinary, April day for employees of Chinese MFO Money Station when they received a notification from a face-recognition system on their messenger.

The client in the photo has his eyes closed, confirmation of the loan is required

the message said

The photo from the online check showed a young woman whose face was disfigured by multiple bruises and bruises, and a bright scarlet stripe could be seen on her neck. The message from the artificial intelligence also contained information that despite the fact that the application was submitted on behalf of a woman, the voice was male.

A photo from the online biometric check was immediately attached, which made the MFO operators instantly freeze in horror and call the police.

Based on the data received from the system, the Chinese prosecutor's office approved the detention of the alleged criminal and went to the geolocation point recorded by the mobile application.

The perpetrator was a 29-year-old man named Zhang. He was caught in the countryside at his parents' farm where he tried to burn the body of his ex-girlfriend. The details of his crime horrified even experienced police officers.

It turned out that on 11 April 2019, Zhang had a big scandal with his girlfriend over money. The girl wanted to break off the relationship with the man, which provoked his anger, so the former lover beat her and choked her with a rope. He then rented a car, hid the body in the boot and fled. When he reached the countryside, he contacted his ex-girlfriend's employer on behalf of her name by messenger, got her sick leave and tried to arrange a loan for her now dead girlfriend using the online application Money Station.

What the perpetrator didn't consider is that the modern facial recognition systems embedded in mobile apps or websites have several stages of verification, including liveness detection, where the user is asked to blink to ensure that the person in front of the camera is a live person and not a mask/photo or video. If the system is unable to record eye movements, it sends the data to the Head of Security so that he/she can assess the photo and video of the verification and make a decision on the loan.

The killer was unaware of this detail, confident that he could get through all the security systems with his dead girlfriend's face because he had already withdrawn some 30,000 yuan from her bank account using the bank's mobile application. Imagine his surprise when, thanks to the work of artificial intelligence, instead of a loan he received a police raid at his home address and a substantial prison term.

Biometric.Vision's liveness detection technology is able to determine within seconds whether a live person is in front of the camera, and in the event of suspicious behavior on the part of the user, which can include a lack of eye movement, the system immediately sends a message to the Company's operator for additional verification to rule out identification by the face of a sleeping or even dead person.

In this way, the technology provides reliable insurance against fraud and can sometimes solve more serious crimes.

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